Never Have I Ever. . . (and an announcement)

I thought it would be interesting to participate in the Never Have I Ever game that a few of my writing buddies have been doing recently. Their answers made me realise just how different we are, and how differently we write books, and I think that's a wonderful thing. Be warned though, this post contains a ton of Psych gifs.

Five Ways to Bind Your Book

The curious thing about writers and writing websites is that they spend a lot of time talking about writing and how to write and what to write, and reviewing books that other people have written, but there doesn't seem to be much out there about the ins and outs of physical books. Here are five binding techniques used today.

Max, Erich, and the Summer Novella Challenge

In my final year of high school, we were set a writing prompt: Shooting Stars. We could do whatever we liked with it as long as we had a story at the end with that title. Looking back, Mrs B. must have dreaded my essays. I never was one for taking things at face value and, needless to say, I dismissed out of hand the common classroom themes of wish fulfilment. That essay is finally coming of age this summer.