Planting Trees

Loss is such a stupid word. It implies a carelessness, an inattentiveness, an inability to remember. We had scraped every minute out like the last spoonful of jam in the jar. We had stayed awake for days at a time to be sure that all was well. I remember every moment with painful clarity. As far as I was concerned, we were not the ones to suffer a loss, we were the ones who suffered a leaving.

In the midst of grief, we often forget ones that were left behind. But Planting Trees follows the story of three children and their mother in the wake of their father’s premature death. Each struggles with coming to terms with their loss, each battling predominantly with one of the stages of grief; despair, denial, anger, or bargaining.

Loss doesn’t just break hearts, it breaks families. Somehow, each must find their way into the final stage, acceptance, before it is too late.

Working Title: Planting Trees | Progress: Mulling and Beginning to Write | Format: Novel