The Dust Collector

A recent discovery of a series of wooden trunks in the attic of a mining museum in Fennington brought to light a previously unknown tale of adventure and intrigue. In these chests were the personal belongings of one Algernon James Postlethwaite. Amongst these belongings were interesting artifacts of a bygone age including letters, sketches, clothing, cooking contraptions, a pair of wellingtons, some money, a small library, recipes, and a journal which was soon understood to be the logbook and personal reflections of said Mr Postlethwaite.

The National Museum of Exploration quickly confiscated the objects for further research and upon enquiry, discovered that this was not a hoax but a golden discovery. Stories of an explorer and his dragon had long been part of the heritage of the Guild of Explorers (his name also appears for many years in the Guild of Light Collectors’ Register) but no other evidence had ever been found that he was a real person.

The discovery of the logbook of his airship, the A.S. Dust Collector, along with other personal possessions has caused a great stir amongst historians and Guild Members alike. It has been the fount not only of delight but of a great deal of disagreement amongst experts as it is difficult to believe under such extraordinarily fortunate circumstances that the discovery is not an elaborate hoax. No conclusion has been reached but after many years of study and debate, it has been agreed that hoax or not, the general public should be allowed access to the logbook of the A.S. Dust Collector as penned by the legendary yet shady man and myth, Algernon James Postlethwaite.

It remains to the discernment of the reader to decide the truth of such extraordinary events.

An exhibition about Postlethwaite entitled ‘Algernon J. Postlethwaite: Hero or Hoax?’ may be found in the West Wing of the National Museum of Exploration. The exhibition will be open until next June.


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