The Girl Who Spoke Silence

_ …. . / __. .. ._. ._.. / .__ …. ___ / … .__. ___ ._. . / … .. ._.. . _. _._. .

When Suki sees her mother push her father down the stairs, and the police want her to testify, social work sends Suki away to a small, backwater village for her own protection. The problem is that the village is terrified of silence, and Suki has never spoken a word since The Accident. 

But the silence isn’t protecting her like she was promised, and when she meets Moth, a boy who isn’t afraid of her quiet, and her mother turns up to steal her back, Suki and Moth make a pact to go out into the forest to find the silence, and reclaim what it has stolen from them both.

Working Title: The Girl Who Spoke Silence | Progress: Drafting | Format: Novella