The Hundredth Law

Cyborg technology was one of the greatest achievements of the early 21st century. The creators claimed it would cure all kinds of physical and mental ailments, allowing the blind to see and the lame to walk. But the government became so consumed in their quest for equality that they confiscated the technology, giving it first to the victimised and marginalised to increase their chances in life. Then it was given to the children to subdue or enhance intelligence and physical abilities to create an equal playing field for all until everyone became mediocre and malleable and the Sojuwas won the war for equality.

Equality is good. Tolerance is beautiful. Every fourth embryo is Dissolved in honour of the traditions of Freedom, Career, and Stability, just as in Old America. The 99 Laws of Robotics keep everyone safe and happy and equal.

But trouble is brewing among the Analogs, those who live in the untraceable outer fringes, refusing to be upgraded and clinging to their outdated value and ideals. For years they have been desperately trying to find a loophole in the 99 Laws, determined to break the power of the Sojuwa over the people.

Somewhere deep inside the system, the Imago lies dormant but a group of Analogs have stumbled across it and are determined to do anything to activate the Hundredth Law.

Working Title: The Hundredth Law | ProgressPlanning stages | Format: Novel