The Lovely Virtue

It makes sense that a child born in sin would become a sin-eater. The problem is that Rue doesn’t want to spend her whole life in the village her mother died in, bearing the shame of her own illegitimate child. When her baby falls sick, she travels to find the lady who wanted to adopt her, in the hopes of giving her daughter a better chance in life.

Little does Rue know that she’s caught up in a feud between Time and Death. When her estranged father, Time, steals her child from her on the road and wipes her memory, Rue fears she has gone mad. She sets off to find her uncle, only to end up in the house in which her own daughter is being hidden from her as Time and the Heartsmith race to find a way to save the dying child.

But Death will not be so easily denied what she wants, and Rue must learn to have the courage to defend what she loves and take back control of her own life.

Working Title: The Lovely Virtue | Progress: First draft complete | Format: Novel